Our Mission

For more than thirty years, Alcove has been helping women turn their lives around and break the cycle of addictions, abuse and mental health distress.

Mission Statement

Alcove’s mission is to operate residential recovery facilities for women who experience the co-occurring issues of addiction, mental health distress and a history of abuse. In a unique home-like setting, Alcove promotes recovery by providing its clients with holistic counselling and programming services that strive to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational, and social needs of each client. For women who are pregnant or are already mothers and who might otherwise avoid recovery for fear of being separated from their children, Alcove additionally offers accommodations and programs that keep families intact and that allow mothers and their children to remain together during recovery.

Core Values

  • Acceptance
    Each woman’s inherent worth and dignity deserve honour and respect.

  • Compassion
    Women who face overwhelming challenges need to be understood, valued, and supported.

  • Empowerment
    Adversity can be overcome through education and by acquiring life skills.

  • Wellness
    True health brings together the body, mind, and spirit.

  • Accountability
    Recovery demands responsibility.

Guiding Principles

Alcove provides safe, long-term, and family-style residential accommodation to women seeking recovery. Alcove ensures the support of professional and compassionate counsellors for the women in their care. Alcove promotes healing and facilitates personal growth by providing a unique program appropriate to the individual needs and strengths of each client. Alcove guides women through the transition into the community to lead productive and rewarding lives.

Alcove has helped me in so many ways that it has brought me to tears. Tears that have helped me to heal my life and bring back that person I was  before my addiction….” Jonelle, Former Client